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Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Logo Sandals BYdBfwuOu
Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Logo Sandals




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Framer Handoff

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is all about empowering designers to own their work. You get to validate and test your designs using real data, plugged into beautiful end-to-end apps that are often indistinguishable from the real thing. But what happens once your prototype goes into production? That process usually involves other team members — an engineer or two — and the possibility of details getting lost in translation. To help you maintain the integrity of your micro-interactions during development, we’re launching Handoff . A new post-prototyping feature designed to ensure that you keep that Framer fidelity from ideation to production.

Design that delivers on thedetails.

Instead of leaving the guesswork up to your engineer, Handoff allows you to control the accuracy of your animations. Simply right-click anywhere on a particular animation in the code editor and you’ll be able to copy and share the native values of an interaction. We do all the heavy lifting for you — converting from damping and duration down to tension and friction — ensuring that you’re always speaking the same language as your developer. Handoff supports multiple platforms on iOS, Android and Web.

Supported iOS Frameworks:

Supported Android Web Frameworks:

From spring to bezier and backagain.

Natural and intuitive product design begins at prototyping. Native animations on mobile often depend on spring curves to produce that subtle bounciness you know and love. Traditionally, they’ve been complex to master, but not anymore. In this release, we’ve made Framer’s spring curve implementation easier than ever. Manipulate properties using a slider control or play around in code. Simply set a defined time, establish the damping ratio for preferred bounciness and you’re good to go! If you’re a fan of our old syntax and functionality, you’ll be happy to know we’re also backwards compatible. But to make things easy for anyone just beginning to master the physics of animation design, we’ve mapped the functionality of our spring curves to how they work on iOS. No matter what level you’re at, we’ve made it easy to keep that native-level bounce from design to development.

To make changes, just click the edit button in Framer to visually manipulate the damping and time values using ASOS DESIGN Flair premium leather studded flat sandals oWqawiHJ7
. Easing curves for the web are also much simpler to visualize in Framer. You can now find all curves by typing the keyword. Alternatives include , , and .

Handoff is lightweight but powerful, and just the first of many features we hope to launch to ensure your designs get the best treatment during development. Check out the Aldo Kasser Velvet Platform Boots 5Hqg4U1a
or dive into Docs and learn exactly how this feature fits into your current workflow. Try Handoff today and make your engineer’s life easier, while keeping your designs true to form. As always, if you have a brilliant feature idea or just want to chat, drop us a line on Facebook or Visvim Black Skagway Kiltie HighTop Sneakers dVjn2GO

Thanks to Benjamin den Boer .
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Explosive materials are produced in numerous physical forms for their use in mining, engineering, or military applications. The different physical forms and fabrication methods are grouped together in several use forms of explosives .

Explosives are sometimes used in their pure forms, but most common applications transform or modify them.

These use forms are commonly categorized as: [1]


Castings, or castable explosives, are explosive materials or mixtures in which at least one component can be safely melted at a temperature which is safe to handle the other components, and which are normally produced by casting or pouring the molten mixture or material into a form or use container.

In modern usage, Topshop Hibiscus Espadrille Sandals qMSWqb
or TNT is the basic meltable explosive used in essentially all castable explosives.

Other ingredients found in modern castable explosives include: [1]

Common castable explosives include:

Polymer-bonded explosives, also known as Plastic-bonded explosives or simply PBX , are a relatively solid and inflexible explosive form containing a powdered explosive material and a polymer (plastic) binder. These are usually carefully mixed, often with a very thin coating of the polymer onto the powder grains of the explosive material, and then hot pressed to form dense solid blocks of PBX material.

There are numerous PBX explosives, mostly based on , , or explosive materials. An extensive but by no means complete list of PBX materials is in the main Polymer-bonded explosive article. The major naming systems for PBX use:

LX numbers range from 1 to 17. PBX system numbers start around 9000 and use numerous scattered numbers between there and 9700.

Some commonly known PBXes are:

PBXes are notable for their use in modern Nuclear weapons . Modern US and British nuclear warheads nearly all use insensitive PBX types using only explosive, to increase safety in case of accidents.

Technically known as putties , but more commonly Plastic explosives , these mixtures are a thick, flexible, moldable solid material that can be shaped and will retain that shape after forming, much like . Putties normally contain mostly explosive, but may include some (Semtex, for example).

Some common putties are:

Rubberized explosives are flat sheets of solid but flexible material, a mixture of a powdered explosive (commonly or ) and a synthetic or natural rubber compound. Rubberized sheet explosives are commonly used for explosive welding and for various other industrial and military applications. Rubberized explosives can be cut to specific shape, bent around solid surfaces, glued or taped in place, or simply laid on relatively flat surfaces.

Wouldn’t students be better served by showing versions of their work, iterating, checking in on milestones and showing off the final product?

With GitHub Classroom you can set up the industry-standard workflow and free up your time to focus on teaching.

Classroom is a teacher-facing tool that uses the GitHub API to enable the GitHub workflow for education.

You create an Assignment with starter code and directions, send along one link, and students get their own “sandbox” copy of the repo to get started.

Set due dates, track assignments in your teacher dashboard, or integrate other tools like testing frameworks.

With Classroom, you can spin up your course on GitHub and move on to the good stuff.

@johndbritton , @mozzadrella , , and @tarebyte , are all maintainers.

Spend more time with students, less on setup. Students accept an assignment with one link, so you can get straight to the material.

Bootstrap group assignments in a snap. Invite students to a shared repository, and cap the number of students per group. Use the same groups over and over again, or create new ones.

More insight into student work than ever before. See when students accept the assignment, and access their work from the moment they start. With version control, catch when they get stuck and help them rewind.

You are in control. Students can work individually or in groups, in public or in private. Invite teaching assistants or graders to view the assignments.

Scales for large courses with ease. If you have a small course, Classroom will make your life easier and save you time. If you have hundreds of students, we have you covered: as many repositories as you need, and webhooks to integrate automated testing tools.

Works with your Learning Management System (LMS). Students submit a link to their assignment repository to your learning management system. Give feedback through comments in GitHub, but keep grades in your LMS.

You’re not alone. The experts on the GitHub Education team are here to answer any of your questions, and we’ve got , best practices, and a strong community of educators to help you migrate to Classroom.

Are you super-advanced? Do you want to build your own tools? We contributions. Please check out New Balance ML373 Trainers green qzLnP4Ym

Classroom is a teacher-facing tool to simplify the educational use of GitHub. Every student needs feedback and support as they learn to code, and using GitHub you can give them the right advice, in the right place, at the right time. Classroom makes it easier to use the workflow you love, with some automation and ease for student use.

Students use GitHub. They don’t use Classroom. Experience with real-world tools gives students a leg-up once they move on from school. Invest time in the tools students can grow with, not another third-party tool with its own learning curve.

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